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Being a student is expensive. Textbooks, food, copying, laundry, and clothing are just some of the items that students need money for. Now, through GPC Refund Card, there is a convenient way to send your student the money he or she needs.

The college provides the GPC Refund Card OneAccount to students alike in order to integrate personal finance management with the unique campus environment at GPC. The account is connected to the GPC Refund Card. With the OneAccount, the card can be used as a universal debit card. Because the account is a debit-based account, it encourages responsible spending and reduces the likelihood that a student will get into debt.

With the OneAccount there is no need to maintain another bank account. By signing up and sending money, you are helping to ensure that the student to whom you are sending money can live comfortably and responsibly away from home. The amount of money a student needs varies from student to student, but here are some ideas:

Estimated Semester Costs Minimum Optimum
Textbooks $400 $500
School Supplies $50 $125
Laundry $50 $75
Photocopies $20 $40
Vending $25 $75
Groceries $40 $200
Restaurants and eating out $50 $200
GPC logo apparel $20 $100
Haircuts and personal care $40 $100
Entertainment $20 $50
Misc. $25 $75



As long as you have your own working bank account, you can send money to a GPC Refund Card account holder simply by visiting this website.

What You Will Need To Sign Up

  1. An email address.
  2. Your bank account number and bank routing number - you'll find these printed on the bottom of your checks.
  3. The email address of the person you want to send money to.
Sign up to Send Money

Or, if you prefer, you can mail in a deposit. It will be necessary for you to fill out a deposit slip. (However, this will take longer, is less secure, and you will have to pay for a stamp!)